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Granular fertilisers and the cold

Granular fertilisers are typically slow-release fertilisers, which means they release nutrients gradually over an extended period. In cold weather conditions, the soil tends to be colder and wetter, which slows down the process even further including  the microbial activity that helps break down the granules and release nutrients into the soil. Additionally, plants tend to …

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Spring Dead Spot

Early Spring Lawn Care

We’re midway through Winter and winter solstice has come and gone. If your like me in the southern states, you’ve had enough of the drab dormant conditions and can’t wait for Spring and the temperatures to increase. Spring is really only a season to define the time of year, what we need to be more …

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Importance of Potassium

Lawn Addicts Potassium Importance

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Oils aint Oils, Prill aint Prill, Granular Fertilisers?

As our lawns are improving they’re becoming shorter and with  tighter canopies as we push our Lawn Addict boundaries, the prill of your granular fertiliser you were using, now is too big and it wont penetrate your lawn to where its needed. Its time to re-evaluate your granular fertiliser. There are varying grades of granular …

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Nutrients, What about them?

Fertiliser Nutrients and their role. For normal growth your lawn needs 16 essential nutrients for healthy development. Some of these nutrients are needed in much larger quantities than others, but regardless of the quantities, they are all crucial to the growth.  These nutrients are essentially categorised into two groups.  Macronutrients are 9 of these nutrients …

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The Affects of pH and Nutrient availability on your lawn

Nutrient Availability Vs PH

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